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Our friendly representatives operate all over Australia. With expert knowledge on our range of automotive and workshop consumables, they'll show you how Forch can stock up your shelves for far less then you are paying now.

You can now easily find your local sales rep by typing your suburb into the location drop down box.

Can't find a local rep?

No problem, call our head office and we can arrange for a rep to visit you. We stock a range of automotive and workshop consumables from DIN parts, nuts & bolts, auto electronics, hand tools, chemicals that are used in mining & drilling, engineering & transport, workshops & panel beaters, and all that's in between.

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What's happening at Forch Australia

Forch Sanitary Products

Forch have a full range of sanitary products including hand gel, hand cleaner, hygiene spray, air fresheners, toilet cleaners and cleaning treatments. Our products will ensure your workplace is of the highest standard for your staff, customers and visitors. There has never been a better time to take precautionary measures…

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The Forch Calendars are ready for your workshop

Every year we bring out the Forch calendar to help our customers plan the year ahead. This year is no different and we have four different Forch calendars for you to choose from. There is something for everyone here so take a look and see which one grabs your fancy.…

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