Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner Online Special

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Is your diesel vehicle in danger?

Diesel vehicles over 3 years old have the potential to stop whilst driving. Short slow journeys can cause your vehicle harm. Preventative maintenance could be the difference of happy motoring or a break down! Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner is the perfect preventative to stop this happening to you.

Protect your vehicle with Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner.

DPF is a highly effective cleansing foam for the treatment of soot and carbon deposits in diesel particulate filter systems of cars and transporters. This preventative treatment reacts with carbonaceous combustion residues and solves them. Find out more about this product in our catalogue.

This product is essential for your car so we’re offering this online Western Australia only special to you. Buy 6 cans for $33 each and we’ll give you 6 cans FREE!

To get your special offer send us an email with your name and phone number and we’ll get you special ready.

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